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Hi! I’m American Aimee. I write about my experiences and observations as an American living in Ireland, UK, and currently the Netherlands. All the while trying not to be the ‘ugly American’.

I am plus sized and struggle with fashion and food and I will write about that too. I am a lapsed vegetarian who is mostly now plant-based and married to an Irish carnivore. My husband is very understanding but also the human garbage can – he would frankly eat my shoe if I gave it to him with some red sauce (ketchup) and of course a sliced pan (Irish for bread).

I am nearly 50 and have actually lived most of my life in Europe either as a military dependent or love refugee (Ken’s American wife for 17 years). My greatest love affair has been with Ireland and I always fancied myself as a peacemaker for Northern Ireland long before George Mitchell did his thing. I have had more jobs than you have had hot dinners including event organizer, charity fundraiser, plus size clothing entrepreneur, pharmaceutical marketeer and turkey bacon sampler.

Apparently to be on social media you have to share pictures of your food and recipes and I will do that too. I received a Certificate in Vegan cooking from Demuth’s Cookery School in Bath, England in June 2017. Currently I am studying Ayurvedic Medicine at Delight Academy in Amsterdam.

A political liberal who is pro-life of the mother (pro-choice as it is commonly known) and support free speech even speech I don’t like. I love a debate and my face gets particularly flushed discussing the state of the world.

Thanks for your interest and please come again!


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